About Me

I am a Singaporean stay-at-home mum. Besides looking after my 2 kids and doing part-time tutoring, the very little time left for myself is spent on reading and baking. 

I learn through reading many books and then of course, through many trials and errors. 
I was faced with a big challenge when my son was found to be allergic to gluten and casein. There are very few places which we can buy GFCF(gluten free casein free) product and they are definitely very expensive, unlike western countries.

It took me quite a few months to come up with GFCF cakes and other desserts so that my son can continue to enjoy delicious breakfast and snacks like any others. Luckily, he is not a picky eater and always gives me a thumbs-up, even though I thought the product came out quite yucky. I really appreciate the moral support given by this little 'guinea pig ' of mine!