Monday, July 16, 2012

Make Your Own GF All Purpose Flour

My Own GF All Purpose Flour Mix

So far, I have found two brands of GF flour in Singapore, Orgran and Bob's Red Mill. Orgran GF products can be found in NTUC Xtra and finest ( but I'm not quite sure if they are available in all outlets) and also Cold Storage. Bob's Red Mill products can be found in Cold Storage and Market Place. Brown Rice Paradise at Tanglin Mall has the widest range of GFCF products. Sometimes, I go to Johor Bahru where I can find some GF products (usually in Organic shops), and they are usually also cheaper than Singapore.

I like to use Bob's Red Mill (BRM) flour. I usually keep one packet of GF All Purpose Flour at home and other types of GF flour -- Brown Rice Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Sorghum Flour, Millet... So can you imagine how many packets of flour my pamtry is filled up with? !

BRM all purpose flour is a mixture of Garbanzo flour, fava flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour and potato starch. For my own all purpose flour mix, I like to use Brown Rice flour, Garbanzo flour, Sorghum, usually in equal proportion. These are the types of flour which I think have less strong taste and smell  than others like quinoa and buckwheat. I'll also add a smaller portion of other types of flour like Millet, yellow cornflour.... (whatever I have in my pantry). Sounds COMPLICATED? Or FUN? I have been 'experimenting' and 'playing' with all these different types of flour for about six months before coming up with something I find -- satisfactory :)

All GF flour mix contains 2 parts -- Bean/Grain flour + Starchy flour (e.g. potato starch, tapioca/corn flour)
In simple formula : 
For All Purpose Flour--> Bean/Grain flour : Starchy flour = 2 : 1
For a lighter flour to make sponge/light cake, the ratio is 1 : 1 ( that's what I use. But I think some uses 1:2. I don't use that because personally I feel that starchy flour is not that nutritious as compared to others)

Why use many types of flour? troublesome! From my findings, some types of flour are heavy, some are light. Some have 'weirder' taste and smell. So a good mixture, will yield something closer to wheat flour and thus better cakes and desserts. Also, a combination of different types of flour, also means we get to enjoy different types of nutrition.

Different Types of GF Flour

My GF All Purpose Flour Mix

Brown Rice Flour : 1 part
Sorghum Flour : 1 part
Garbanzo Flour : 1 part
Quinoa/Millet/Soy/Buckwheat : 1 part (depending on what I have, I just mix them till I get 1 part)
Potato Starch : 1 part
Corn/Tapioca Flour : 1 part ( I use less Tapioca Flour as Chinese believe tapioca is not so nutritious)

I keep my Flour mix in the fridge after blending it well. In this way, I can use them conveniently, as and when I need to use it.

Due to lack of gluten, don't forget to add xanthan/guar gum in GF flour to prevent the cake from crumbling.
Here's a guideline :
For every cup of flour, add
1/4 tsp for biscuits
1/2 tsp for cakes
1tsp for muffins/quick bread


  1. Where do you find sorghum flour in Singapore? I've had no luck so far. Thanks!

    1. Hi Beth. I have stopped posting here. Do visit my Facebook page instead. Thanks😊

  2. You can find sorghum flour in Cold Storage, Market Place ( Tanglin Mall) or Brown Rice Paradise ( Tanglin Mall)