Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simple, Easy & Yummy

Almond Apple Cake
This is a cake that my whole family likes, even my daughter, who cannot accept the taste of gluten-free flour. Well, that's because the whole cake is made from ground almond, no flour at all! Just substitute milk to coconut, rice or soy milk and the cake is gfcf!

This is also the cake that I like to bake when I have not much time and too many apples at home. As the saying goes : An apple a day, keeps the doctor away , but nobody in the family seems to like apples and they always get 'abandoned' in the fridge, waiting to be turned rotten!

Recipe for 
Almond Apple Cake


egg 4
brown sugar1/2 cup
salta pinch
apple3 small or 1 big
milk1/4 cup
apple cider vinegar1 tsp
cinnamon powder1 tbsp
ground almond2 cups
baking soda1/2 tsp
baking powder1 tsp


fig 1. Beaten up eggs

  1. Diced the apples and mix in the salt ( to prevent it from turning brown).
  2. Mix vinegar and milk ( or any milk substitute for a dairy-free cake) and let it rest till curd is formed.
  3. Meanwhile, beat the eggs and sugar at high speed till light and fluffy (see fig 1 ).
  4. Fold the ground almond, baking soda and baking powder into the egg mixture.
  5. Add in the apples, milk and cinnamon powder.
  6. Pour batter into a grease-lined cake mould.
  7. Bake in oven, preheated 10min, at 170 degrees C for about 20 min.

Almond Apple Cake

And that's it! Done! Simple, quick and easy!

Notice that there is no oil in the recipe but the cake turns out to be quite oily. I made a mistake once by being 'smart' and added oil to the recipe myself and the cake turned out too oily. Then it dawned upon me  that almond itself contains oil!

So in fact this is also a very healthy cake for the whole family. Another thing to take note is , do keep ground almond/hazelnut in the fridge to keep it fresh. When taken out for use, it may be lumpy and remember to use any utensil to 'unlump'  it before adding it to the wet ingredients.

A Slice of Cake A Day, Keeps Unhappiness Away

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